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affirm that simulation is the soul of industry 4.0 as the International CAE Confrence reached its 33rd edition, on the 6th-7th November in Vicenza, this year’s hub for technology and virtual simulation.Industry 4.0, the forth industrial revolution, is inevitable and will transform the innovation, design and production processes in every field.returned this year with the support of recognised institutions; CISM, Intellimech, NAFEMS, SIMAI, TCN Consortium, Tech Net Alliance, and The Apulian Aerospace District along with Engin Soft, to award the best young researchers, students and academics from national and international Universities and Research Centres.With over 300 submitted projects, almost 50 of them reached the finals and five outstanding posters demonstration the use simulation in new emerging scenarios were presented with a prize.However, inevitably, after the death of his father, Massimo will need to confront his past in the very source of his persisting anguish, his house, react to the pain, refuse to be a victim, and ultimately, face courageously a ...In the movie Massimo finds out about his mother's suicide after asking his godmother/aunt.This pressing topic has characterized the International CAE Conference, the major event in the field of Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences.The 2 day event held at the Vicenza Convention Centre, hosted renowned experts, stakeholders of academia, industry and the research world from Europe, the United States, in addition to Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil.

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, rich in contributions from over 100 industry experts, widely covered the variety of applications across numerous sectors: aerospace and defence, transportation, biomechanics, civil engineering, energy, oil&gas, and many more.

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