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Get a fast ship, a destitute crew that would do anything, and go “a-pirating.” The ships going back to Europe were usually lightly armed, slow and laden with gold and silver–well worth the pirates’ efforts.

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Outer Banks weather can also change within minutes, and it’s not unusual for a summer thunderstorm to quickly pass through a region along the Outer Banks on an otherwise sunny day.

History of the first Englishmen settlers arriving in America began when Sir Walter Raleigh, along with John White and 116 colonists, landed on Hattorask (Hatteras) Island on June 22, 1587.

They found the island low, unprotected, almost barren of trees — not suitable to establish a colony.

We may soon know what became of the colonists, but as of today, it remains one of the most intriguing mysteries in early American history.

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Among the first visitors to the barrier islands that stretched from the Virginia Capes to Georgia during the period from 1500s to 1725 were pirates and former privateers who had been under the protection of the British Crown.Now with the area’s modern roads, bridges and ferry boats, visitors today could never imagine what the islands were like in the early days, but the history of the Outer Banks goes back to the first days when our country was new.