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A playwright enters dangerous territory when he attempts to dramatize his struggle to become an artist: a struggle that is supposedly resolved, or at least justified, by the artistry he now puts before us.

When the play turns out to be less than thrilling — as was the case, for instance, with A. Gurney’s What I Did Last Summer — the disproportion between the setup and the result risks bathos, if not ridiculousness.

p p E irt JIfl Wrff CTSBE^g S i m mil JSTRATJOl Sl RS Cl^atne U Bnioeraitg Slibcatg BOUGHT WITH THE INCOME OF THE JACOB H. 172 ) CHAPTER XXII.— History of the Town o V^^ Diana 216 CHAPTER XXIII.— History of the Town of Greig 232 CHAPTER XXIV.— History of the Town of Har- risburgh 236 CHAPTER XXV.— History of the Town of High Market 245 CHAPTER XXVI.— History of the Town of Lewis 248 CHAPTER XXVIL— History of the Town of I.eyden , 256 CHAPTER XXVIII.— History of the Town of Lowville , 296 ) CHAPTER XXIX. The town was called 'Satan's Seat.' The people had built one meeting-house, which was free ■ for anybody to preach in, whether they preached truth or error.

SCHIFF ENDOWMENT FOR THE PROMOTION OF STUDIES IN HUMAN CIVILIZATION 1918 Cornell University Library F 127L6 H831883 Histoid of Lewis County, New York: jwith. -History of the Town of Lyonsdale ^23 CHAPTER XXX.— History of the Town of Mar- tinsburgh 443 IV CONTENTS. CHAPTER XXXI.— History of the Town of Montague , 487 CHAPTER XXXII.— History of the Town of New Bremen 489 CHAPTER XXXIII.— History of the Town of Osceola 492 CHAPTER XXXIV.— History of the Town of Pinclcney 497 CHAPTER XXXVI.— History of the Town of Turin 501 CHAPTER XXXVII.— History of the Town of Watson 540 CHAPTER XXXVIII.— History of the Town of West Turin 551 CHAPTER XXXIX.— Appendix 597 ILLUSTRATIONS. M., Lowville, portrait facing 389 Ager Joel Wheeler, Lyonsdale, portrait 438 Allen Capt. A number of Christian people of different names com- bined together to get up a meeting, and then extended to me an invitation to preach.* When I arrived, I found a number of ministers of the Gospel of different names there, praying together, and ready to lend a helping hand for the conversion of the place.

Next, the school’s headmaster, Carl Schmitt, offers Jim a scholarship despite his terrible grades; the unformed but bright boy presents a challenge but also a sop to his idealism. Eliot looks like an undertaker.) As long as Jim is blossoming in the sunshine of his mentors’ liberality — a liberality that allows him to try on new identities every minute — this is vastly amusing: But soon enough, the faith of all three adults — in Jim and, through him, in their Catholic mission — is sorely tested by his various self-inflicted scrapes involving alcohol and apostasy.

, Turin, portrait 521 Leonard Charles P., Lowville, portrait, (steel) facing 397 Leonard James L., Lowville, portrait, (steel) facing 398 Leonard Stephen, Lowville, portrait..... [The names of Clerks for this period could not be ascertained from records that were accessible.] i856-'58. As he was going out at the front door, the merchant was coming in at the back door, and recognized him.

That being the case, and knowing from the play that Hoffman, before he died, specifically asked Shanley not to write about him, I wonder whether this material was ill served, not just theatrically but morally, by its fully autobiographical treatment.