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30-Nov-2017 11:58

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A family drama with money and scandals that everyone is surprisingly chill about.

One review I saw called it a modern day Edith Wharton, and that seems right.

In Freemasonry one must go through various initiation rituals before attaining the next rank in their journey of enlightenment.

The 17th degree is conferred upon the initiate and is considered the transformation, or change of the initiate.

At first I was hesitant to commit to such a stance, but the last few years of focusing on these things has led me to believe there are too many coincidences for it to be anything but coordinated.

That’s not to say that I am fully ready to claim that “Lady Gaga performs black magick rituals” or “Lil Wayne worships the devil”, but I will admit that there are far too many of these symbols showing up in films and music videos for it to be In this post we will examine one such symbol, and that is the “X”.

On June 14, 2017, due to a lack of creative freedom, Anthony announced he would be leaving Smosh to pursue independent works on his solo channel.

Another idea I’ll toss out is that Russell Brand has a show called Brand X.

The broad ridge offers wonderful panoramas of the Dales and round to the Lakeland Fells.… continue reading »

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