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The first European to see Bamyan was William Moorcroft (explorer) about 1824.During 1998–2001, Bamyan has been the center of combat between Taliban forces and the anti-Taliban alliance; mainly Hizb-i-Wahdat – amid clashes among the warlords of local militia. On the cliff face of a mountain nearby, three colossal statues were carved 4,000 feet apart.After the Kushan Empire fell to the Sassanids, Bamyan became part of the Kushansha, vassals to the Sassanids.The Hephthalites conquered Bamyan in the 5th century.The statues were destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001, on the grounds that they were an affront to Islam, even though they were left intact by Muslim rulers for 1200 years.Limited efforts have been made to rebuild them, with negligible success.Bamyan is a small town with a bazaar at its center.It has no infrastructure of electricity, gas, or water supplies.

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The city of Bamyan was part of the Buddhist Kushan Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.The Shar-i-Zohak mound ten miles south of the valley is the site of a citadel that guarded the city, and the ruins of an acropolis could be found there as recently as the 1990s.