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It was impossible to participate in wars and duels without the knowledge of the sword and other kinds of edged weapons.So, the fencing is the science and the art of mastering of edged weapons.The fourteenth century manuscript "I.33'" depicts female sword master Walpurgis (left) demonstrating sword fighting techniques Modern fencing originated in the 18th century in the Italian school of fencing of the Renaissance, and, under their influence, was improved by the French school.

Thus the womans chest turns out to be next to the right shoulder of the man and her weapon appears just next to his open belly - his shield is on the left and his right arm with the sword is stretched ahead in a vain attempt to touch the enemy. The Amazons position seems to be critical but, once again, its just at first glance.

His school was run by three generations of his family and dominated the art of European fencing for almost a century.

Considering the history of fencing, expecially the history of women's fencing, Japanese school of fencing must be mentioned.

From old times, Japanese noble women were taught how to defend themselves and to defeat attackers using some special weapon like naginata, which allowed them protecting their family and homes while their husbands and fathers were away.

Probably, the oldest testimonies about female sword fighters are legends mentioning Amazons.

The male warrior aims directly there, his sword points from below.

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