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He included only weather stations that had at least 40 years' worth of Thanksgiving data.

The earliest date is from Fort Garland, Colorado, in 1863.

It's common to hear people "dreaming of a white Christmas," but what about longing for a snowy white Thanksgiving?

If you're in the "snowy Thanksgiving" camp, you now have a place to turn: the Twitter account of @Climatologist49.

The historic probability of having a snowy Thanksgiving, according to data from 6,314 weather stations that have at least 40 years of data.

cliffhanger left us with Queen Andi Dorfman showing up unexpectedly at a weary Nick’s doorstep just before he cut his final four down to three, but the week belonged to Raven — America’s current favorite Southern belle with a penchant for kicking doors in and setting up her boyfriends on grain towers.The closest was 97°F at the Falcon Lake, TX, RAWS station on Nov. #txwx @Heatwave KGNS — Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49) November 12, 2017 To find the hottest and coldest Thanksgivings for the entire United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), Brettschneider took the average daily temperature of every Thanksgiving on record.The warmest Thanksgiving was in 1998, when the national average was 48 degrees F (8.8 degrees C).The holiday was celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November from 1863 until 1939. Roosevelt moved the holiday to the third Thursday of the month, in hopes of giving shoppers more time to stimulate the economy between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to the History Channel.

In 1941, Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving back to the fourth Thursday, at the insistence of Congress.Some weather stations recorded snow on Thanksgiving Day every year, including a station at Old Faithful, Wyoming, which has "a perfect record" of Thanksgiving snow, dating back to 1906 (although not every year has records), Brettschneider said.

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