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If you are divorcing a person with great future earnings potential, consider sticking it out a little longer or delay finalizing the divorce until after the ten-year mark.Ten years is also important if your spouse is in the military and will be eligible for retirement pay.If you were married for at least ten years while he was on active duty, you will qualify for direct enforcement, which means your portion of retirement pay will be paid directly to you by the military finance office.The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA™) is the premier national organization dedicated to the certification, education and promotion of the use of financial professionals in the divorce arena.If you waive your right to alimony, you can’t get it back, even if your marriage lasted over ten years.A ten-year marriage is also considered to be a long-term marriage by the Social Security Administration.If you do not know the rules in your state, you could unintentionally lose your right to alimony.

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When he came back to the truck I had my heels and stockings in hand and was ready to make a naked bee-line for the room.Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,716 | Tags: seduction crossdressing first time | 7 Comments I allow myself to become the ultimate gay slut. I was thirty-six when Diane arranged for my first experience with Jim, Allan and herself, recounted in a previous story.Prior to that occasion, I do not believe that the thought that I might enjoy sex with other men, had ever entered my mind.Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,696 | Tags: anal fetish oral sex skank watersports | 4 Comments An inch in time, take nine Martin and I remained glued together, his cock rigid and dipping between my thighs while our lips stayed in contact, his head pushing my own into the bed.

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He was much bigger and heavier, yet it felt so good being under him.After this family moved into the neighbourhood, seventeen-year-old Samuel and his hunky father were always busy in their garage fixing vehicles.