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Eventually the bodies were hoisted up and hung upside down on meat hooks!

An American eye witness described the crowd as I pondered back and forth on whether I should post the shocking, disgusting and deeply disturbing pictures of Mussolini and Claretta's mangled bodies.

The fact is I didn't want these pictures on Mourning the Ancient.

But alas I decided, after seeking the advice of an Italian comrade, that these pictures should be shown.

The great and complex Benito Mussolini tells one last tale to us, his spirit soaring free, his body defiled, broken, but alas, he is not beaten. Do you toast to their life and despise their deaths? Do you fight for that day -- earning nothing but spiritual gold? In 1941 Pavelic formed the Croatian 369th Reinforced Infantry Regiment, a regiment of 9,000 volunteers to help fight the spread of communism.

No one cares about the monsters who murdered Mussolini. This regiment fought extremely bravely and was eventually involved in the Battle of Stalingrad. Links Verlag, Berlin - The Unknown Eastern Front - The Wehrmacht and Hitler's Foreign Soldiers, Rolf-Dieter Mller, page 99 In one of the greatest tragedies of the war, because of the German traitor Generalfeldmarschall Paulus, these men were forced to surrender at Stalingrad.

But no more, one can hide the truth, but not forever, eventually, it will surface.

At the end of her hell she was murdered beside the man she loved.

[Above: Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (July 29, 1883 - April 28, 1945).] 'If i had been an Italian I am sure that I should have been whole-heartedly with you from the start to the finish in your triumphant struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism.

I will, however, say a word on an international aspect of fascism.

Seeing black Africans proudly wearing the iconic eagle and swastika on their breasts speaks a thousand words.

Or various Asians, like Indonesians, Thai, Chinese, and even Koreans, all sporting the Swastika and an Axis uniform, nearly shocks the eye in bewilderment.

When we began this project I thought we might have trouble filling one page, let alone two, since the subject material is exceedingly hard to find, after all. Every day the internet is unveiling more information and photos.

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