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25-Jan-2018 19:32

Also, the flexible and stacked capacity is almost equal to the current active operating capacity.

Innovation that reduces costs will always be in fashion.Within these blog articles, pure play marine seismic streamer service providers, Polarcus, Dolphin Geophysical / Shearwater Geo Services, and Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) have dominated the most analysis.However, more diversified companies, such as Schlumberger’s Western Geco (WG) and CGG also significantly impact the marine seismic streamer market.The largest marine seismic streamer fleets prior to the collapse in oil prices were operated by CGG and Schlumberger’s Western Geco (WG).

WG introduced new build Amazon-class vessels into the fledgling market.Just as innovation and technology spurred competition in the hey-day of oil prices exceeding 0 USD /bbl, the same spirit of competition is adjusting to the current market.

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