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She said that she had always intended to reveal this information but thought that the trial would be her first chance to do so. [122] Interwoven with the presumption of innocence is the standard of proof required to displace that presumption. She continued to ask herself whether he had really intended to hurt her. However she offered an entirely different explanation for supressing this information. De Coutere said her plan was to disclose all of these things once the trial began. To be presumed innocent until proven guilty by the evidence presented in a court of law, is the fundamental right of every person accused of criminal conduct.Given the nature of the allegations this is not unusual or surprising; however it is significant because, as a result, the judgment of this Court depends entirely on an assessment of the credibility and the reliability of each complainant as a witness. The first occasion is identified as having occurred on a date between December 1st and 31st, 2002. De Coutere’s evidence and some of the established facts, another perhaps more subtle but related concern needs to be identified. De Coutere, the professional actor, was excited for the trial because it was going to be “…theatre at its best.” “…Dude, with my background I literally feel like I was prepped to take this on, no shit.” “…This trial does not freak me out. De Coutere engaged the services of a publicist for her involvement in this case. Ghomeshi socialized two or three more times in the days and weeks following this incident in the park, and then had no further relationship. The standard of proof in a criminal case requires sufficient clarity in the evidence to allow a confident acceptance of the essential facts. D.’s evidence at trial illustrates my concern on this last point: He had his hand – it was sort of – it was sort of his hands were on my shoulders, kind of on my arms here, and then it was – and then I felt his teeth and then his hands around my neck. The law also recognizes that there should be nothing presumptively suspect in incremental disclosure of sexual assaults or abuse.[12] The first two counts of the Information are allegations that the accused sexually assaulted the complainant L. The second allegation is identified as having occurred on the 2nd of January 2003. It may be entirely natural for a victim of abuse to become involved in an advocacy group. De Coutere embraced and cultivated her role as an advocate for the cause of victims of sexual violence may explain some of her questionable conduct as a witness in these proceedings. She gave 19 media interviews and received massive attention for her role in this case. De Coutere even analogized her role in this whole matter to David Beckham’s role as a spokesperson with Armani. Each case must be assessed individually in light of its own unique set of circumstances.

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If she truly intended to provide this information, she had ample means and opportunity to do so. Ghomeshi “less of an assaulter and more of a friend.” This explanation lacks credibility when combined with the further details brought out in cross-examination about the Banff 2004 visit. She suggested that maybe they would have a “chance encounter in the broom closet.” The response from Mr. They described their partnership as being “insta sisters”. At no time until almost literally the eve of being called to the witness stand did she reveal the whole truth of her relationship with Mr. Ghomeshi on a date following the date of the alleged assault in the park. In her statement to the police she acknowledged that she went out a couple of times with Mr. D.’s decision to supress this information until the last minute, prior to trial, greatly undermines the Court’s confidence in her evidence. claimed that she did not think it was important to disclose this intimate contact and said she wasn’t “specifically” asked about post-assault sexual activity with Mr. She ultimately acknowledged that she left out things because she felt it didn’t fit “the pattern”. had reviewed her sworn police complaint the week prior to trial and at that time offered no additions, qualifications or corrections. She was prepared to tell half the truth for as long as she thought she might get away with it. [120] The fundamental framework of analysis in a criminal trial is often left significantly abbreviated in judge-alone trials.

WARNING: The court hearing this matter directs that the following notice be attached to the file: A non-publication and non-broadcast order in this proceeding has been issued under subsection 486.4(1) of the Criminal Code. [80] Another item in the new disclosure statement was the information that Ms. Ghomeshi following the Canada Day weekend in Toronto. Ghomeshi, she sent him flowers to thank him for being such a good host. said that her decision to come forward was inspired by others coming forward in 2014. The police lay charges on the basis of “reasonable grounds to believe” that an offence has been committed.