Dating in rural areas

04-Dec-2017 14:30

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This eventually subjected social systems and economic and infrastructural developments to enormous strain as, seeking a better future, many moved from rural areas to cities.

South Africa’s cities have benefited greatly from projects that developed and improved infrastructure and social services.

Against this background, government reiterated that the fight against poverty remained the most important fight on its agenda.

In this spirit, a need for a new economic and developmental trajectory was identified as an urgent priority, and with this objective government identified five strategic areas as priorities over the next five years.

Dating from the election in April 1994, in which our country chose democracy as its badge and a rainbow as its symbol, our people have set aside their previous divisions and wholeheartedly embraced one another, united in a shared vision for national progress on an increasingly competitive international stage.

Yet, the same projects placed these areas under the increasing strain of over-urbanisation.

Clearly, the development paradigm of the past 18 years, with its emphasis on urban development, in the expectation that this medicine would also heal ailing rural areas, did not do so, and did not produce the economic impact our socio-engineers had envisaged.

To achieve its vision, the new department defined its role and mission as being that of facilitating integrated development and social cohesion through partnerships with all sectors of society.

The most important strategy the department pursues to deliver on the CRDP’s strategic objectives is, Agrarian Transformation.The Department of Health has also launched a consultation on the regulation of physician associates (PAs) to provide further clarity on the scope of the role.

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